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World’s Fiercest Fighter Jets #6: MiG 35

The famous Mikoyan MiG series aircraft of Russian origins are no strangers to modern day warfare. Mig 35 is the ultimate evolution of the MiG 27 Fulcrum series. This aircraft has advanced avionics and weapon systems which make it one of the best modern day aircraft in the world. Info from Top10reviewof.com 


-Max speed at altitude: Mach 2.25 or 2,400km/hr

-Range: 1,240mi or 2,000km

-Service ceiling: 57,400ft or 17,500m

-Ferry range: 1,930mi or 3,100km carrying 3 fuel tanks

-Rate of climb: 65,000ft/min or 330m/s

-Thrust is 1.03

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