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World’s Fiercest Fighter Jets #4: Sukhoi Su-35

Sukhoi Su-35 is the Russian answer to modern day air force needs. The Sukhoi Su-35 is a heavy duty, long range, multi role, single seat fighter. The aircraft has been designed and developed by taking inspiration from the Su-27, which is a force to be reckoned with in combat skies.  Info from


-Max speed at altitude: 2,410km/h or Mach 2.25

-Ferry range: 2,430nmi or 4,500km

-Range is 3,600km or 1,580km at low altitude

-Service ceiling: 59,100ft or 18,000m

-Wing loading: 84.9lb/ft2

-Rate of climb: 55,100ft/min

-Thrust: 1.14

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