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Which is the Facing Direction?


FengShuiHF pngIN MY CONVERSATIONS WITH my clients, I realize that many are confused or uncertain about what Facing Direction means. The usual question is whether they should look out of the facing of the house or the other way around. The correct answer is looking out. You always measure looking out of the facing of the house. The same applies to measuring the facing direction of the door. Again you measure from inside of the house looking out of the door.


Facing Direction of Study or Work Table

What about the facing direction of your study or work table. This is the direction that you are looking at when seated at the table.

Which direction is best?
Which direction is best?

Facing Direction when Sleeping

Which direction is Kitty facing?
Which direction is Kitty facing?

What about the facing direction when sleeping. There are two correct answers to this question and it depends on the system of Feng Shui that you practice. In the Eight Mansions or Eight House system, it is beneficial if we sleep on a bed that is facing a direction that is beneficial to you.

For example if you are an East Group person, you should sleep with your head facing north, south, east or south-east. But what do the books really mean when they say you should sleep facing north for example? In this system, the direction is to measure from the crown of your head. It is actually the direction that the crown of your head faces when you sleep.

Why did I say two correct answers? In other systems of Feng Shui such as those practiced by Zi Wei masters, the facing direction is to measure based on the soles of the feet. The rationale is that facing direction is the direction that you intake air into your body. So when you are sleeping with the crown of your head towards the north, your facing direction is south as your nose is breathing air coming from the south! It is a matter of perspective and they are right too. So when we talk about facing direction, we should also specify the system.


Facing Direction of the Stove

Finally what is the facing direction of a stove? This is a popular topic amongst Eight Mansion’s practitioners as they believe that you can derive much benefit if your stove is facing the right direction.

Knobs face the ceiling!
Knobs face the ceiling!

In the old days determining the facing is quite simple. It is based on the fire-mouth and it is always opposite to the direction of the person doing the cooking. With the advent of modern stoves powered by gas, heating elements, induction etc, determining the facing gets harder. However as a general rule, it is opposite to the direction that the person doing the cooking is facing.

We used to reference it using the knobs on gas stoves. But nowadays some gas stoves have knobs only on the stop which prompted one of my clients to ask if his stove is facing the ceiling!


Henry Fong is a Feng  Shui Consultant.  Apart from offering professional Feng Shui consulting services for residential and commercial properties, he also writes as a columnist for theSun newspaper. If you wish to have your house Feng Shui-ed , contact him at or on Facebook at Henry Fong Feng Shui.  Henry Fong is also an expert at Face Reading and will offer his insights in a soon-to-start column on Livingmsia.



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