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“A Touch Of Paradise In Paradise”,The Dusun (Last Part)

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The Perling House, The Dusun

Play this audio file so that you may feel that youre really there….:-)


The Berembun House, The Dusun

The Dusun comes with an array of beautifully designed and crafted Malay wooden houses like the Emas House where we stayed. Wood keeps a house cool and with the hot humid jungle air, which wasnt the case when we were there, its a welcomed atmosphere. There again the air is clean and fresh and there wasnt a hint of it being hot like it is in the nearby cities like Seremban (capital of the state of Negri Sembilan) and of course Kuala Lumpur. So the premise that all things tropical are just hot and humid, isnt true when it comes to this jungle rainforest setting. The nights can be really cool if not touching on real cold so dont think that you dont need that extra clothing for the night okay?. What a welcomed change from the hot humid weather eh?. Even the jungle “bugs” are friendly.

Here is the link to more about the Emas House:

Here are a few details about the Emas House:


Maximum 5 adults or 4 adults and 2 kids.

Bedroom with 1 double

Bedloft with 1 double and 1 single bed

1 Bathroom




1 Kitchen





1 Bathroom





Large living area and DeckDog-friendly

Emas, or golden in Malay, is a traditional Malay house which uses recycled hardwood extensively and incorporates many unique pieces from Helen’s scouring of junk yards. The house is shaded by trees most of the day and its carved panels and shutter windows are designed for coolness.

The wood has a golden hue that is lit by the setting sun. Emas House has a serene view over miles of rolling hills towards the Straits of Malacca.




House Measurements (included bathroom, excludes deck):

800 square feet / 244 square meters
The house is set at the end of a gently sloping path of steps and is very private.
Rear shot of the Emas House
More photos taken of the living room, bedrooms downstairs as well as the bedloft, kitchen, balcony overlooking the gorgeous scenery of the rainforest surrounding the eco-resort.
 As you see, the whole resort is beautifully landscaped yet keeping to nature and one with nature. Alot of resorts tend to put up too much and in effect destroying the natural settings of the jungle. The Dusun resort is as it was over 30 years ago whilst all the accomodation, swimming pools are set right amongst the rainforest setting without disturbing nature. That is what makes this place so pleasing and asthetic. A perfect sense of beauty and a perfect getaway from city life and the stress of work.
How the food served (can order it in advance, like lunch – except breakfast which is served around 8am at the Patio – and dinner which comes in the form of a barbecue which is amazing) at the Dusun no matter where you choose to stay out of the six houses available. I will post all photos taken and a few videos to make to easier to go through.
First another shortish slideshow for more photos of food, the resort and its surroundings and the Emas House where were staying:-)
Now for three videos shot whilst we are there at the Dusun resort:-)
Video of the Emas House balcony  and the view
The Barbecue firing up…around 8.30pm
Serving the barbecued goodies…and getting ready to serve
As you can see after watching these videos, it was a fun time cooking and serving the barbecued food! Being a private enclave where we were staying, everything was homely and we just enjoyed ourselves within the privacy of the Emas House. Great for a small or large family and the management never disturbs you whether its day or night. And everyone appreciates this.
After all, a holiday should be a private affair but do remember everything costs but why go on a holiday away from it all when money isnt involved, right?. Prices can be a tad pricey if you think of it but what youre given and the plain fact that youre right in the midst of the rainforest..its no wonder that price would be a consideration.
For me, its better staying in a hotel right in the middle of some large town or city. Its different. Its something fresh and certainly better if youre seeking that kinda holiday where you become “one with nature”, no aircons just wall fans and the simplest of amenities to get through each day.
The Dusun’s own booklet of activites, food etc

Before I close up, do remember to read about the first part of the Dusun at:

Farewell to TheDusun, Kampung Air Kolam, Negri Sembilan….until next time…:-)

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