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Top Halloween Movie Characters to Dress Up As #6: Michael Myers

Well, this one was made for Halloween complete with pumpkin and all! It’s the cult classic of John Carpenter’s. Well, at least, he made the first movie and started the ball rolling.

The premise of one of filmdom’s most memorable psycho horror thrillers is simple enough: 15 years after murdering his older sister on Halloween night in 1963, Michael Myers escapes from the mental asylum and returns to the small town of Haddonfield, Illinois, to kill again.

…And again, and again and again, like 10 times in the next 10 movies ever since. But wait, there’s more.  An 11th film, directed by David Gordon Green, is set to be released in October 2018. As you can see, the legend of Michael Myers is far from dead.


The many faces of Michael Myers. And they are all based on William Shatner.
The many faces of Michael Myers. And they are all based on William Shatner.


Which leads to the next point: Who says slasher movies aren’t fashionable? This one has not only withstood the test of time, it spawned a whole line of similar slasher movies to flood cinemas, not to mention a chain of novels, comic books, merchandise, and even a video game. So there you go.


Did You Know? That the infamous Michael Myers mask was actually a cheap $2.00 Star Trek Captain Kirk mask based on William Shatner’s face? Because the movie was on a budget, the prop team was told to get the cheapest mask they could find. They found the Star Trek mask in a Halloween costume  shop.  But once spray painted white and with the eye holes appropriately gouged out, a horror character legend was born. Shatner claims to have gone trick-or-treating in the mask of his own face.


Carpenter (Escape from New York, The Thing ) only did the first Halloween film. The rest in the progeny were directed and written by others. Apparently, he will have a hand at producing the 2018 Halloween.

Here’s the long list of the Halloween franchise to date:

  • Halloween (1978)
  • Halloween II (1981)
  • Halloween III: Season of the Witch (1982)
  • Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers (1989)
  • Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers (1995)
  • Halloween H20: 20 Years Later (1998)
  • Halloween: Resurrection (2002)
  • Halloween II (2009)
  • Halloween (2007)


Watch the original Halloween opening scene. Reveals a shocker about Michael Myers.


A Michael Myers costume is probably one of the easiest to recreate. Just get a Michael Myers mask, put on a dark coloured jumpsuit and you’re good to go.

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