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Top Halloween Movie Characters to Dress Up As #2: The Nun of Conjuring 2

One of the most memorable and creepiest characters of James Wan’s 2016 The Conjuring 2 , was, hands down ─ That Freaking Nun!

Who can forget that Seriously Scary Sister?

The up-coming nun spin-off from The Conjuring 2.
The up-coming nun spin-off from The Conjuring 2.

There were a whole lot of creepy ghoulies introduced in The Conjuring 2 (I thought the Crooked Man was terrifying too), centering around the real story of the Enfield Poltergeist in England but it was the nun that took the cake.

In fact, the cloaked demon became so famous there is now a spin off from the movie called… The Nun. But of course! The movie, which will be produced by Wan and Peter Safran, will be released next year (2018).

The spin-off was announced officially during the filming of Annabelle Creation when Warner Bros and New Line Cinema said they would be taking it on. Corin Hardy will be directing.  Safran said that The Nun would chronologically come first in The Conjuring franchise, making it as a further prequel to The Conjuring series and Annabelle series.

Ah well, we enjoy them all, whether forwards or backwards.

For those of you who didn’t watch The Conjuring sequels and prequels revolving around the paranormal misadventures of Ed and Lorraine Warren (themselves real people), here’s the trailer.

A Bit of 2016’s The Conjuring 2


James Wan, as you may well know, is a Sarawakian boy who now resides in Australia, making films to scare the wits out of you.


Here is the Conjuring 2’s Nun Scare Full Sequence


Easiest Holy Ghoulie Make-Up Ever

The make-up is one of the easiest to put on, perfect for a Halloween costume party, because there are only two non-colours involved ─ black and white. Here is how to put that face on, if you dare.

Become Valak The Nun in The Conjuring 2. Easy Tutorial Below

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