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Thai Beef Salad@ The Social, DPC (Round II)


Story continued from Round I: See Poached Salmon@The Social, DPC (Round I)

DID I MENTION THAT we were hungry? We were so hungry we were like kids in a candy store at The Social, ordering everything off the menu like there was no tomorrow.

The Thai Beef Salad
The Thai Beef Salad

So we had to have salad too, specifically their Thai Beef Salad (RM26) at a skinny dip of 450 calories. It featured rib-eye steak over onions, tomatoes, cucumber, spring onions, cabbage, carrot strips and plenty of Thai chilli lime and coriander dressing. It was a burst of tangy flavours with just the right amount of sour over fresh chilli heat although I personally would have preferred a more liberal dose of chopped chillipadi. That extra burn would have upped the ante nicely. Thai fire and pungent savouriness was just the right thing to contrast my milky main course with —  that’s how you jolt those sleepy little tastebuds awake.

But then of course we had to do the right thing and order something to complement the soothing richness of my pasta. So we ordered the Nachos too (RM22).

Actually, I lie.

The Nachos
The Nachos

We didn’t put any thought to how we should harmonise or counterpoint our main course, to put it in musical terms. We simply ordered. We just jabbed our greedy little fingers at anything on the menu that teased our imagination and asked for everything.

And that’s how a mountainful of Nachos landed on our table. Heaped with tomatoes, salsa, guacamole, jalapenos, sour cream, cheese sauce, and bits of chilli beef, it was the icing on top of the hearty cake that was our mid-afternoon meal.   They didn’t give the calories to the Nahos by the way. My guess is those calories must be too way off the Richter scale to be mentioned!

We were so full afterwards we walked 3Km around the park to work it all off.  Ah, the guilt of gluttony. I think we managed to burn off 10 or 20 calories, what do you think? But no regrets. If we had to do it all again, we would order the exact same things and wouldn’t have settled for less. The food was that superlative.

By the way, all prices in the menu are subject to 10% service charge and 6% GST. We thought you might like to know. And if you have a doggy friend you’d like to bring along, The Social at Desa ParkCity is pet friendly and will gladly welcome your pooch. (Food, however, is not served for the pooch and Fido is expected to be at his best behaviour at all times).  🙂

Story continued from Round I: See Poached Salmon@The Social, DPC (Round I)


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