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How to Remove 8 of the Commonest Stains

  SLOBBERY, CLUMSINESS, TWO LEFT FEET…call it what you want but spills happen. Stains happen. And usually on your whitest of whites.  But fret not. Livingmsia has got you covered, with help from yahoo and Real Simple of course. Here are some of the easiest ways to remove the stubbornnest …

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The 101 on Wine Glasses

  I RECENTLY ATTENDED A champagne tasting where the champagne glasses were made out of plastic. Unfortunately, I have to say that the experience was “plasticky”. I could smell the plastic from the champagne and what a shame that was as the champagne was made by one of the oldest …

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5 Ways Wine can Boost your Health

  Wine can make cancer cells commit suicide! Yes it can, plus 4 other health issues it can help stop dead in its tracks like High Cholesterol, Heart Disease & Stroke, Alzheimer’s & Aging. DURING ANCIENT TIMES, wine was highly prized for its medicinal qualities as it was considered more health-giving than water. …

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Wine Myths: Top 5 busted!

  THE WORLD OF WINE IS full of myths and yes, it can be confusing. Being a wine enthusiast myself with regular wine tasting events, I have to say many times all of us can get confused.  Different people are told different things. Here are my personal top 5 wine myths …

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