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Egg Controversy #1: A hardboiled case?

  EGGS: THEY’RE JUST ONE OF THOSE FOODS. Eggs: Seems like every other week there’s an egg controversy. ♥Scroll down for Egg Slice Masala recipe♥ Are they good for you, bad for you, or somewhere in between? The Good, the Bad and the… As a Ph.D.-trained nutritional biochemist and a full-time nutrition …

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Egg Controversy #2: Soft-Boiled Notions?

WHEN WILL THE CONTROVERSY over eggs end? Unfortunately, I think the answer may be “never,” especially if studies like this one: “Is Eating Egg Yolks As Bad As Smoking?“ keep coming out. ♥Scroll down for Spicy-Egg-Curry-In-A-Jiffy-Recipe♥ What I find most suspect with this study is that all the subjects used were already …

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Eggs added to Salad can prevent Cancer?

  EGGS, WHICH SEEM TO HAVE an off-again, on-again romance in the world of health (some saying they contribute to high cholesterol levels, others saying they’re beneficial and perfectly fine to enjoy), have recently been touted as having incredible health benefits. One key to enjoying their benefits, according to a …

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