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The Case on Alkaline Water: Hype or Hoax?

I WAS QUITE INTRIGUED when I first saw bottled alkaline water on the shelves of our favourite pharmacy. “Alkaline water?” I asked the proprietor. “Yes,” he replied. “It’s all the rage. Everyone is drinking it nowadays to counter “heatiness”. It’s been touted for its great health benefits too, like preventing cancer.” Really? …

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5 Ways Wine can Boost your Health

  Wine can make cancer cells commit suicide! Yes it can, plus 4 other health issues it can help stop dead in its tracks like High Cholesterol, Heart Disease & Stroke, Alzheimer’s & Aging. DURING ANCIENT TIMES, wine was highly prized for its medicinal qualities as it was considered more health-giving than water. …

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Braving Cancer by Laughing Together

  Originally published as “Life is a journey of beautiful rainbows” by Doris Lim in  Malay Mail June 6, 2015 “Hi, I’m Sukhveer Kaur. I’m a cancer survivor!” smiling broadly as she introduced herself. “I’m also the founder of Himmat Support Group. We conduct laughter therapy where we get participants …

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Groomer still has it!

  At 68, Irene Ng makes her cutting edge mark across the Eastern and Western hemispheres and is still not done showing the world she has it. “Sayang, I am still in the UK. Just finished judging Master Groom 2015. Will only be back next month.” That was Irene’s Ng’s …

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