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Speak French! 10 Common Wine Words


New The Know Your Wine Series“HAVE WINE WILL TRAVEL!”

That was the term constantly uttered by my Wine Tasting Malaysia members as they joined me on the “WINEderful” journey of wine tasting.

Ah! The French wines!
Ah! The French wines!

Among the favourites, French wines were the ones that got the most attention as the words on the bottle needed the most translation.  Even our French members found it confusing!

Nevertheless, let’s look at 10 of the commonest French words from the wine language

raisin-france-vinjpgBLANC de BLANC

French wines
French wines

A term used to describe champagne which are only pressed from 100% chardonnay-grapes.


It is often used for a wine growing estate in France although the direct translation would mean “castle”, this is not necessarily true as it can also refer to a small estate or property with no classification related.


French specification for a walled vineyard


Used to describe municipality


Refers to a specific growth in terms of location or vineyard. If used for instance in Cru Classé, Cru Bourgeois or Premier Cru, it means above average quality.


A blend of two or more types of vine or types of wine to achieve an optimal result. It is commonly performed in cellar for trial.




Means half dry


French word for wine growing estate


French word for vintage


Indicating new wine, for instance Beaujolais Primeur

Now with these French words out of the way, I wish you all the best in choosing a bottle of French wine which is wonderful and most of all very well suited to the taste you are looking for. Happy Tasting!


Trina is the founder of Wine Tasting Malaysia, an online based wine enthusiast group with weekly wine tasting events all around the Klang Valley. Often found with a wine glass in her hand, she truly believes life is so much more WINEderful with wines. She is currently on a quest to gather 1000 wine enthusiasts in Malaysia. Be part of her quest by joining Wine Tasting Malaysia via Wine Tasting Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur) ─ Meetup  or Facebook’s winetastingmalaysia. She calls Subang Jaya her home and can be reached at

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