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Ross Reviews Yamaha U3H

Yamaha_U3H_closeup shot
Yamaha Upright Model U3H closeup shot


Secondhand Yamaha Model U3H

  • Product Name: Yamaha U3H
  • Performance Rating: Very good
  • Value Rating: Great value for money
  • Most Suitable For: All levels (Beginners to Advanced Level and Beyond), Pop and Jazz pianists.
  • Review Date: 2nd September 2016
Yamaha U3H Sideview
Yamaha Model U3H Sideview

Specification Details:

Height: 52in / 130.5cm
Width: 60.5in / 153.5cm
Depth: 25.5in / 65cm
From floor to keyboard: 24.5in / 62.2cm

Price: RM12,900.00 (inclusive of GST)

Here is a side view of a Yamaha U3 piano (below diagram). If you want to know if a Yamaha U3 will fit into your house/flat then please make a cardboard cutout using the below diagram.

Then slide the cardboard along the floor and if you can get it around all of your tight corners without touching the walls then it will definitely fit. If it doesn’t fit one way, flip it over and try the other way.

A Yamaha U3 piano will normally fit around even the very tightest of corners once it is laid on it’s side in this way. It doesn’t cause any damage if you use a professional piano mover.


Click Here to see if a Yamaha U3 will fit up a flight of stairs


Overview and Summary

  • Brief
  • From Yamaha Japan
  • Very rich and beautiful tone.
  • Responsive touch.
  • Stings and hammers in excellent condition.
  •  It has full length ribs into a notched liner
  • Solid Spruce Soundboard
  • Best for Professional Institutions
  • Perfect for Advanced Pianists, Jazz Pianists

I would like to review the Yamaha U3H for you. Being a secondhand piano the overall sound is seasoned meaning to say its has matured overtime and yet retains that clear crystal well known tone of the Kawai. I was pretty much impressed with it as I am used to Yamaha since very young when learning and performing around the United Kingdom in my younger days.

The touch is medium light and very responsive and the overall sound is very pleasing to the ear. The bass is resounding, middle range amazingly clear and the upper registers crystal clear and keys very reponsive.

I would recommend this upright piano for all music schools, private households and also for a music academy as it is a high-end upright piano and is suitable for all ages, beginner to advanced level (Grade 8 and above)

The price is also very affordable, and excellent value for your money and if you contact me, then I can assure you even a better price that what is stated above.

If you would like to have a chat just call me: 011 1561 1500 (whatsapp) anytime and perhaps I could show you the piano itself and give you a personal review at our showroom.

Just to remind you, I also give piano and violin lessons, we can also talk about that if you are interested. I also am conducting private music lessons at your house. Preferably I conduct lessons Grade 6 and above to Diploma Level (for both Piano and Violin)

15 600 line


Now onto a personal performance review of the Yamaha Model U3H for you all. As you can see and hear, even though it’s a secondhand piano, it’s still in excellent condition and worth every sen of your money.

Give me a call for a chat at: 011 1561 1500 for an appointment to view it and even get another personal review and analysis of this great offer.

And Dont Forget…

Accessories (F.O.C.)

  • Warranty: 5 years
  • Stool: Adjustable Stool
  • Key Cover: 1 piece
  • Castor Cup: 1 set
  • Piano Cloth: 1 piece
  • Heater: 1 piece

15 600 line

Please take note: If you decide to contact me, I can assure you all an affordable price below what is stated at the top of this article.

A great deal is in store for you!.

If you require me to provide further details on thisparticular product please feel free to either PM (private message) me on facebook on my Page 


Name: Ross Ariffin

Mobile: 011 1561 1500 (whatsapp)

*For an appointment to view piano and/or music classes (piano & violin – grades 6 and above)*


Dealer’s Website

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