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Peanut-Oats Soup from Oat Flour


A Peanut-Oats Soup Recipe

By MelJ

Home-made Oats-Peanut Soup with home-made oat flour
Home-made Peanut Oats Soup with home-made oat flour

Makes 3-4 servings


2 cups regular milk, almond milk or soy milk

1 cup water

1 cup creamy peanut butter

1 tablespoon of honey or syrup

2 heaped tablespoons of oat bran or oat flour

Roasted peanuts and nutmeg for garnish


Simmer milk and water in a sauce pan. Do not boil. Add the peanut butter and honey and

stir until completely melted. Turn off heat and mix in the oat bran or oat flour.

When it starts to look lumpy, pour the whole mixture into a blender and blend until creamy smooth.

Garnish with some roasted peanuts and nutmeg. Best served hot.

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The 4 Wonders of Oat Flour

By Stella Parks

carrot cake

Oat flour is worth all this trouble because it behaves so much like wheat flour. It lends soft and fluffy texture to baked goods, with a mild flavour that takes a backseat to vanilla, nutmeg and butter. Here are four good reasons to use it:

1. Oat flour lightens the heavy texture of bran muffins, carrot cake and zucchini bread. Try reducing the flour (whether all-purpose flour or a gluten-free blend) by 25% and replacing it with an equal amount of oat flour.

2. You haven’t had oatmeal raisin cookies till you’ve made them with a bit of oat flour, which enhances their irresistibly thick and chewy texture. Use as described above.

3. Oat flour is essential in gluten-free white or yellow cake. It’s absorbent and light, which helps these mild cakes bake up as light and fluffy as they should.

4. Oat flour is useful even for traditional baking. Try using it for kneading whole-wheat bread. It keeps the dough from sticking but, unlike regular flour, won’t toughen the dough if you incorporate too much.

Stella Parks is a Food & Wine 2012 Best New Pastry Chef.  Her first cookbook, with editor Maria Guarnaschelli, is due from W. W. Norton in 2015.


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