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New World Old Wines


New The Know Your Wine SeriesNEW WORLD OLD WINES? What can that mean? And what are the differences between the Old and the New World? Wine making, as we know is hundreds  to thousands of years old and we’re about to discover the difference.

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What is the Old World?

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Old World is generally a term used to describe wines produced mainly in Europe but not limited to Europe alone such as Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Austria, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Israel, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia, Cyprus, Switzerland, England and Macedonia. Wine making in these countries goes back from centuries to thousands of years.

What is the New World?


New world wine includes wine produced from USA, Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, Chile, South Africa, China, India, Uruguay, Brazil, Mexico and Canada. Wine making in these countries is about decades old only.


What are the differences between Old and New World?

  • Wine Label

This is the most easily spotted difference and it is just by looking at the bottle. Although the14-hands-merlot-columbia-valley specificity of the labels is quite detailed, we can go deeper into this perhaps next time.

Honora-2006-merlotBut for now, you can spot one distinct difference which is the appearance of the grape name eg. Merlot, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc or Zinfandel. When you see a bottle with these grape names on them, rest assured they are from the new world. This is because old world wines would not have the name of the grape but the name of the region ie. Medoc, Pomerol, Chateau du Pape or Chianti Classico

  • Regulation

22389_aocstatus2Wines from the Old World are subject to strict regulation in terms of the type of grape, harvest methods, minimum alcohol content and winemaking methods. France was the first to implement such a system called the Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée (AOC) in an effort to control the origin and quality of its wine and to ensure that its taste and structure reflect the place it is from.Logo_AOC

Due to tight regulation of the old world wines, if the grape harvest or quality is bad then it is going to be bad hence vintage for old world wines plays an important role in determining the quality of the wines.

What does this mean, you ask? It means that it is crucial that you buy wines from the old world from a good year and it is perfectly alright to turn a blind eye to vintages for New World Wines.

  • Taste

70a12d1f150b0811d468ee94ace1eedaNew World wine regions such as Australia make straightforward wines which are 100% pure varietal and fruit driven. In contrast, Old World wines are earthy and are usually blended.il_570xN.263047408

Therefore, it is my personal opinion that a beginner at wine should always get familiar with New World wines which have pure varietal and easier to taste (due to being fruit driven) before moving on to taste Old World wines which are more complex. In my opinion, tasting wines this way makes the learning curve much

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