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Near to Perfect Thai Cuisine


We decided to take a short tour of the eateries around our neighbourhood and suddenly saw this new thai restaurant namely ‘Bon Thai’. We got down, surveyed it then decided to go in and try it out. Apparently they boast of a real thai cook known as Bangkok Boy and the food looked authentic enough for us to give a try.


1 menu


The décor of this restaurant is rather bland to say the least and looking at the prices printed on their menu the décor didn’t really match their food prices, but the food was nonetheless quite delicious and pretty close to what I’ve tasted in Thailand. However, one will never quite match that true authentic Thai taste wherever you eat in Malaysia, not even those eateries close to the northern border with Thailand.


1first full pic


Our three main dishes consisted of one 600-700g Garoupa fish which was deep friend in Thai style with the usual condiments of raw long beans, cucumber and cabbage which you could dip into their deliciously pre-prepared thai sambal belacan which came in a separate small bowl, a generous serving of Four-Angled beans lightly sautéed thai style again with thai Toong Fun Salad which was also delicious.


1 fish
Deep fried Garoupa fish or “Ikan Siakap” in Malay

As for the Garoupa fish or Ikan Siakap as it’s called in Malaysia, I would say it was full of flavour but lightly garnished. Plenty of “meat” on it and just nice for two people. It was probably closer to 600g in weight though after deep frying, it tends to look smaller. Ikan Siakap is a local favourite served in most restaurants, Malay, Chinese and Thai making it a versatile fish which can be cooked in various culinary styles.


1 framed toong fun salad
Look at that Kerabu Glass Vermicelli Salad

The Thai Toong Fun salad or Kerabu Glass Vermicelli salad was something else. Not only is it good for keeping you healthy and free of those harmful oxidents we tend to eat daily when not consuming enough of raw fresh veges, but a perfect appetizer to get your taste buds going. That fresh tingling taste of the squeezed lime mixed with fresh papaya, coriander leaves, shallots, glass noodles, raw carrots, shrimps and raw mushrooms is nothing short of heaven for those who wish to keep their tummies trim knowing you are consuming good food and at the same time feeling satisfied without worrying about gaining those unnecessary pounds. You can eat as much as you like which makes absolute sense.


1framedvege edit
Four Angled Beans or “Kacang Botol “

Our last dish of Four Angled beans or “Kacang Botol “ as it is known in Malaysia is also a great dish to compliment the previous two dishes. Lightly sautéed with shallots, thai sauce and other usual thai condiments is not only healthy but adds a boost to the overall healthiness of your lunch or dinner not forgetting the great taste. This dish was also cooked Ala Thai by Bangkok Boy.


1 sweete
Water Chestnut desert with Coconut milk

As for our desert, I got the Water Chestnut in coconut milk which was surprisingly not too sweet so that made me feel good. That was pleasant tasting and a perfect way to end my dinner.


1mango pulut
           Wow, what a nice desert of Mango and Glutinous Rice

My friend got his teeth into a fresh Mango accompanied by a sizeable slab of Glutinous Rice. Now that was indeed filling as he noted trying to sit in the car afterwards. Glutinous rice is heavy on carbs and tends to make one either feel sleepy or having eaten too much which was the case here.

As for our drinks we both ordered a large glass of Thai tea with milk, hers hot whilst mine was cold. Maybe I should have taken it hot which would have made my food easier to digest. All in all, it was not a cheap outing and costed us over RM100, but there again if you want to eat authentic Thai cuisine cooked by an authentic Thai chef, this is what you can expect. By the way, Thai tea tends to be a tad sweeter in taste than your regular Lipton or Boh Tea.


1set menu
 You can call them to order


No need to fret. It was a good meal without a doubt. You do get what you ask for, and where else but at Bon Thai Restaurant – only four months old.






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