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Motorcycle Monstrocities #1: The Predaliencycle

You might have seen this one before, it has been written about so many times, it’s made its round all over cyberspace. This Alien/Predator fusion of a monstercycle was built by Roongrojna Sangwongprisarn, back in the days when movie-monster-mania pervaded.  Roongrojna  is a Bangkok-based artist who creates all kinds of awesome metal sculptures, inspired by popular monsters, using discarded parts from cars, motorcycles and bicycles. The 54-year-old owns four shops across Thailand, called Ko Art Shop, and exports his works of art all over the world.

The maker with his ridable work of art
The maker with his ridable work of art


You might have seen more impressive Hollywood movie props, but unlike those, this impressive piece of metal work is actually rideable. I have no idea what bike this was initially, or how fast it is, but who needs speed when you’re riding a metal masterpiece like this, right? Words from Oddity Central, pix shared from Reuters/Sukree Sukplang.

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