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Mind Blowing Bridges of Asia #1: Langkawi Sky Bridge, Langkawi, Malaysia

Guess who’s No: #1? Malaysia of course! For having the longest, free span curved bridge in the world!! Ladies and gentlemen ─ this is our very own wonder: The Langkawi Sky Bridge. An engineering feat of extraordinary proportions, the Sky Bridge, which is suspended from a 82m high single pylon, is 125m long and curved all the way from end to end. The pedestrian bridge is cable-stayed (read: suspended in midair) and hovers a vertigo-inducing 700m above sea level! The bridge “swings out” to the misty clouds from Mount Mat Cinchang at its highest point. The “swing out” gives visitors the feel of walking straight out into space. Nice.

The Langkawi Sky Bridge is located at the end of the Cable Car ride to the top station where an inclined lift called SkyGlide takes visitors from the top station to the bridge. The journey to the top starts out at the Oriental Village in the upper northwest of Langkawi Island, near Pantai Kok.

Because it is so high up, it can get a little chilly up there but the chill is worth the thrill as the views are literally, out of this world! And the ticket price for a go? Just RM5.00 for adults, less for children.

(Featured image: NY Daily News)

Here’s a vid of the breathtaking journey!


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