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Most Memorable Movie Moms #4: Meg Altman in Panic Room

YOUR FIRST NIGHT IN A NEW HOUSE IS USUALLY FULL OF DILEMMAS like “Where did you pack the toothbrush?” or “How are we gonna fix dinner if we can’t find the wok?” But not for the mom and daughter in Panic Room. Meg Altman (played by Jodie Foster) and her diabetic daughter are burglarised on their first night in their new home ─ a rambling brownstone and to escape from the intruders, they lock themselves in the apartment’s safest room. But just when they thought they were safe, the daughter gets into a diabetic crisis. Luckily, Mama Meg thinks on her feet. She employs guile, guns, gas tanks and even insulin-filled syringes to protect and save her daughter. Moral of the story: You toucha my kid, I smasha your face!

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