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Let’s Visit Some Creepy Abandoned Places

Most Creepy Abandoned Places In The World That Will Scare You Silly

One of the many mutilated dolls hanging from the trees on the Island Of Dolls, Mexico!

Witness the most ghostly desolate places in the world….all potential making-you-crap-your-pants material. It couldn’t get scarier than this!

 Let’s start with…..

One Creepy Abandoned Military Hospital, Germany

The foyer of an abandoned military hospital in Germany
One of the operating rooms in this abandoned military hospital somewhere in Germany

I am amazed at how well kept this abandoned building is even though its so obvious that there must have been a very reason to have left it the way it was which brings to mind that what kind of hospital was this? And yes it was a military hospital of sorts but how many didnt make it out of this place?.

I am sure its got to be damn haunted! Dont expect me to be here, especially in the evenings. Perhaps in a group and during the long as it aint raining and thundering..!

Next one…

Chateau Miranda – Celles, Belgium

The castle was built with the intention of hiding by French aristocrats who were trying to escape the revolution. During and after World War II, the Castle began operating as an orphanage. It was suddenly abandoned in 1980, with the family denying rights to allow authorities to care for the castle. Because of its past, this haunting castle forever remains a favorite ghost hunting destination among people who visit it.

Creepy for sure!!

Chateau Miranda, Belgium

Makes you wonder doesnt it was it really to escape the revolution..only?. This abandoned castle sure looks like one creepy place!. Probably spooked like hell.

 Next one…

One creepy abandoned train graveyard somewhere in Belgium

Abandoned Trains in a Belgium Train Graveyard
Look at all these abandoned trains!?


Isnt that the driver’s cockpit so to speak?

As you can clearly see (just look at those luxurious seats!)…all these trains in their heyday must have been of the high-end luxury type…probably a bit like the famous Oriental Express except this is in Belgium and I havent the foggiest idea why they were all left to rot like this?. Such a shame..and so sad.

If it were me, I would spend enough to get them all back to what they were like in their heyday and let them operate fully..and who knows? Many would buy tickets just for the experience!! Wouldnt you?

Next one…

The Sunken Yacht – Antarctica.

This spooky looking ghost ship is the Mar Sem Fim – a Brazilian yacht that was wrecked near Ardley Cove in Antarctica. A Brazilian crew had taken it to film a documentary, but fell victim to strong winds, forcing the crew to abandon the yacht. The water that washed over the ship froze, cracked its hull and eventually sunk the yacht, but it has since been salvaged.

Oooo…how nice stay a night in this wonderful yacht?! The picture itself is creepy and lucky for those guys, nobody seemingly was injured?.

It must have been freezing to bring that one up dont you think?. Ive been to Antartica and it is one of the most beautiful places on earth…sad to say no more tourists are I was indeed one of the last to get a chance to sail there on a cruiseship. That was a few years back.

Next one…

Creepy “Suicide” Hotel In Bogota, Colombia, South America



Many chose this hotel to end their lives..why?

The luxurious Hotel del Salto opened in 1928 to welcome wealthy travelers visiting the Tequendama Falls area.

Situated just opposite to the waterfall and on the edge of the cliff, it provided a breathtaking view to its guests. During the next decades though, Bogotá river was contaminated and tourists gradually lost their interest to the area.

The hotel finally closed down in the early 90’s and was left abandoned ever since…..such a shame, such a beautiful location and must have been such a luxurious hotel too.

The fact that many people in the past chose that spot/hotel to commit suicide, made others believe that the hotel is haunted. Chose this hotel to commit suicide? Yikes!!!

Next and last one for this first in a series…and this one isnt now abandoned…

Doll Island, Mexico


Now this has got to be creepy!!

Just south of Mexico City, between the canals of Xochimico you can find a small island with a sad background which never intended to be a tourist destination. The island is known as Isla de las Munecas (Island of the Dolls).

This is a perfect place to shoot the next horror movie, what do you think?

Enter Mexico’s haunted ‘Island of the Dolls’ if you dare: Thousands of creepy toys hang from the trees to quell the tormented screams of a ghost of a little girl who drowned there!!

Barrera discovered a doll floating in the canal where she died and hung it from a tree as a mark of respect to the deceased girl
  • Julian Santana Barrera retreated to a remote wooded area in Xochimilco, Mexico city to live out his life as a recluse 
  • He discovered corpse of a young girl – and the toy doll she left behind – floating in a nearby canal when he arrived
  • Barrera began to hear footsteps in the night and the anguished wails of a woman after he hung the doll from a tree
  • He continued to hang other toy dolls from the trees in the ‘chinampas’ area to appease her ghost for over 50 years
  • His family now run the area as tourist attraction where visitors hang other dolls and claim to hear them whispering

Hundreds of photographers and thrill-seekers travel to the haunted Island of the Dolls every year, but it was never meant to be a tourist attraction.

Julian Santana Barrera arrived in the woods of Xochimilco, Mexico City (pictured), shortly after a girl had died in a nearby canal

After a two-hour canal ride from Mexico City, they arrive at a nightmarish clearing deep in the woods where thousands of mutilated dolls hang from the trees and hide among the dense branches.

They were put there by a reclusive Mexican man who believed they would appease the troubled ghost of a small girl who died there over 50 years ago – and still haunts the woods today.

Julian Santana Barrera retreated to the woods soon after she drowned in the nearby canal. He claimed he could hear her tormented screams and footsteps in the darkness.

Haunted: A reclusive Mexican artist began to hang dolls from the trees (pictured) in a forest to appease the ghost of a young girl who – legend has it – drowned in a nearby canal

Even today – 14 years after his own mysterious death in those woods – visitors say they hear whispers in the night and feel the dolls’ eyes following them through the trees.

Barrera found the girl’s corpse floating in the canal and blamed himself for not being able to save her life, according to the so-called Isla de las Munecas‘ official website.

He later discovered a doll floating in the same waters and, assuming it belonged to the deceased girl, hung it from a tree as a sign of respect. His descent into madness began with this seemingly innocent act.

Barrera began to hear whispers, footsteps and the anguished wails of a woman in the darkness even though his hut – hidden deep inside the woods of Xochimilco – was miles away from civilisation.

Driven by fear, he hung the dismembered toys from the trees to protect himself from her ghost and spent the next 50 years ‘decorating’ the woods in a desperate attempt to appease her.

Profiteering: Barrera’s relatives now run the area where he lived and collected hundreds of mutilated dolls as a tourist attraction

He hung hundreds of toys – some missing body parts – from the trees and the wire fencing which surrounded his wooden shack.

Barrera lived a hermit’s life in those woods until 2001 when his nephew found him dead – drowned in the same canal where he found the floating doll.

He had retreated to the area, known locally as the ‘chinampas’, when his girlfriend left him for another man. There, he grew vegetables and flowers to sell in the nearest town but never spoke to anyone while he was there, according to Mexican website Zocalo

Now to be honest..I am not even sure whether this place was abandoned or not earlier on, apparently it isnt now as its been run as stated above by some people..but what I do know is that its attracted thousands of tourists over the years and I would declare it as one of the creepiest places on earth.

Certainly not a thought to carry with you to bed!!!!! Talk about being Haunted…thats a sure! Reading through all the articles online about this island, it was at one point abandoned, thats for sure.

Profiteering from it’s creepiness? That’s business for you.

“Goodnight (If its indeed night for you?)…..thats if you can sleep after all the above creepy and abandoned places around the globe. Until next time when I will come up with the second part in this spooky series!”

Wanna see some spooky creepy abandoned places in Malaysia?

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