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Creepy And Abandoned Places Around The World (Part 4)

Creepy And Abandoned Places Around The World Part 4

1. Abandoned Iron Factory, Europe

Now this has got to be some sort of iron factory machine? An abandoned iron factory somewhere in Europe apparently and its is indeed both beautiful to look at as creepy. There is not much I can find on this factory, its story and why it became left to rot but its nonethless an amazing photo!!

2. Crumbling Castle in Kopice, Poland


Kopice Castle, Poland. Beautiful abandoned castle circa 1300s. Kopice is a village in the administrative district of Gmina Grodków, within Brzeg County, Opole Voivodeship, in south-western Poland.

Video of The Abandoned Castle in Kopice, Poland


3. An Abandoned House In The Nowegian Countryside


Not much I can say about this photo except that it looks like this house is infested with christmas trees?. Does obviously look like the trees have overtaken the entire house and since the house being your typical Nowegian wooden house it is indeed a shame that it has been left like this rot. Such a picturesque countryside. I have been to Norway twice and it ceases to amaze me the beauty of the land, its towns and its houses.

4. An Abandoned Hotel In The Phillippines


THE DIPLOMAT HOTEL, PHILIPPINES ; A haunted hotel here, people. This hotel in the Philippines was once occupied by fleeing refugees from the Japanese Army Forces, and the place was later bombed. It was reconstructed in 1947 and stayed open until the 1970s. Guests and nearby neighbors have claimed they’ve heard screams and seen headless ghosts walking around. It’s probably abandoned for good reason then.

A black and white footage of the hotel, creepy video at that!

“Diplomat Hotel on Dominican Hill – In May 1911, the councils of the Province of the Dominican Order voted to construct a vacation house in Baguio on a 17 hectare property they had acquired when the American authorities were encouraging people to come here. Actual work started in 1913 under Fr. Roque Ruano and the building was inaugurated on May 23, 1915. To take advantage of the tax exemptions a school called Collegio del Santissimo Rosario was opened in June 1915 but due to the very small enrollment the school closed in 1917, reverting the building to the original vacation house sanitarium.

During WWII it was first occupied by refugees. Later the Japanese Army Liberation Forces had to bomb out the refugees from the buildings. The five direct hits left very extensive damage and for a time it was left unrepaired. Reconstruction was started in 1947 and completed in 1948 with most of its pre-war grandeur and beauty restored.

In 1973, Diplomats Hotels, Inc. acquired ownership, remodeled the interior into a 33 bedroom hotel with modern facilities, but retained the unique and distinct personality of the Dominican Hill. In the 80’s the hotel ceased operations due to the death of one of its majority stockholders. Plans are underway to develop this historical religious landmark into a tourist resort.”

5. An Abandoned Church


Well, as you can it is indeed a shame that this pulpit has been left abandoned and look at that organ…in its heyday I am sure they have a huge congregation to enjoy its music. Its almost as if one can still hear the sunday congregation belting away at their christian hymns eh?. Another fantastic angled photograph.

6. Abandoned Amusement Park


Amusement parks have got to be one of the spookiest places on earth, really. When theyre abandoned its usually overtaken by the surrounding foliage, destroyed over the years by the weather and possibly by some homeless individuals, stray dogs and also drug addicts. This photo is your typical shot of those rollercoaster rides/amusement rides and it is sad that such expensive rides have been laid to waste.

7. An Abandoned Shopping Mall, Bangkok, Thailand


Wow!!. Look at all those fish that have taken over the flooded floor, one of many as we can of this totally abandoned shopping mall somewhere in Thailand’s mega city, Bangkok and you’d be surprised how many abandoned buildings there are in the city. Do you remember one of my previous articles which featured the Ghost Tower, the abandoned apartments in downtown Bangkok?. That was scary.

8. The Royal House: An Abandoned House (Japan)

(Courtesy of Jody Meow/Photos Jordy Meow of

The Royal House is a famous abandoned house in Kanto area. Its story can be read here:
The Royal House is a famous abandoned house in Kanto area. Its story can be read here:

A house in the middle of the forest is reminiscent of the adventures of Hansel and Gretel. This one is unfortunately not made of  gingerbread, but maybe we will discover an old witch and her stupendous stories? Here it is, The Royal House, known in Japanese under the name of  Karei Naru Ichizoku (華麗なる一族  – A Majestic Family).

The Royal House is a famous abandoned house in Kanto area. Its story can be read here:

The location of this house is kept very secret, in order to protect the artifacts it hosts.The garage has already collapsed  and the kitchen is in a filthy state. Only the floor seems a bit spare, but it will probably crumble  because of the lack of support on the ground floor. It  was apparently built in 1948, and before our eyes, seems to be abandoned for at least some ten years.

(Video) The house that has all of its owners stuff still inside.

Royal House Haikyo

Many trees fell on the house, destroying windows and a part of the roof. Since then, the moisture has infiltrated everywhere: wood – which makes the main structure – has become very spongy, and plaster on the walls outside is covered with mold.

Royal House Haikyo

A door which is not opening; But the window, it does!

The Royal House is a famous abandoned house in Kanto area. Its story can be read here:

Royal House Entrance.

But in this decay, this house has a past rich in stories. The experience is like opening a history book whose leaves disintegrate and other are missing … want to find out more? Let’s discover! An entrance  on the side of what was to be the garden. This is where the adventure begins.

A welcome rather traditional for a haikyo: a doll in a kimono. The ground floor comprises a large dining room and a small kitchen, behind.

Royal House

Just the dining room is an amazing discovery. Two old Tv sets,  lots of small objects, a huge panda with the skull smashed …

Royal House

There’s so much more about this Royal House….better you go to Jordy Meow’s site and read more on it and see some of his amazing Nikon shots of this abandoned haunted house! The Royal House Haikyo!

Keep a lookout for my fifth “Creepy And Abandoned Places Around the World Stories”….

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