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Let’s Visit Some Creepy And Abandoned Places Part 2

Abandoned Amusement Park Ferris Wheel


In this second segment we’re heading for more creepy and abandoned places around the world…so get ready to be creeped out!! This time around we have some even more exciting and spooky places to talk about…

First on the list…

Abandoned Sanatorium, Berlin, Germany

Left-to-rot grand piano inside a former Santorium, Berlin, Germany

Now this is one helluva creepy abandoned room! Apparently this is of a left-to-rot grand piano right in the centre of a former Sanatorium located in the outskirts of Berlin, Germany. Talk about a spooky and creepy place. There again probably perfect for Diploma piano students seeking solitude and isolation from the noises of the household?.

Next one…

Abandoned Czech Republic Church

Is that a figure under that wrap? Actually, looking at this photo closely, it probably can be restored if there are indeed enough people to form a new congregation right or not?. Nah. I dont think so. It’ll probably be left to rot like so many other abandoned churches around world especially in Europe.

Next one…

Abandoned Train Station, Georgia, Former Soviet State of the USSR

Abandoned Train Station in Georgia, Former USSR state

All we know about this amazing picture is that it’s of an abandoned train station somewhere in Georgia, one of Soviet Russia’s former regions. Looks like this could have been the passenger area where all got on and off those trains, now ghost trains!

Next one…

A Frozen Mansion

Abandoned frozen mansion…why does Dr Zhivago come to mind?

Apparently this is inside an abandoned mansion which has totally ruined as its frozen. Why is it like this? Why has it been left like this and left to rot?. Such a shame that such a place has become like this?. For sure, when the ice melts, destruction will result and effect most of the items inside – there would be immense damage caused by such melting!.

This photo has brought many asking the same questions and gone viral across social media! And at the same time many asking whether this is indeed a place used in the iconic hollywood movie, Dr Zhivago?

Next one…

An Abandoned Mansion in Namibia, Africa

Abandoned Mansion somewhere in Namibia. Look at all that sand!

A photo of an abandoned mansion somewhere in Namibia. Looking at all that sand, obviously “swept” in by the constant winds sweeping such a country on a daily basis it’s no wonder it has ended up like this…full of sand!. What a waste.

Last one…and the spookiest!

Bangkok’s Ghost Tower, Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok’s Ghost Tower – Abandoned Tower

So let’s start with some of the creepy but interesting facts about this abandoned construction of one of the tallest buildings in downtown Bangkok, Thailand. I am sure alot of you have visited Bangkok?. Of course you have.

Bangkok is indeed a bustling metropolis with millions of inhabitants and one of the biggest cities in Asia and growing!. Famous of it’s good and bad aspects whichever one you decide upon…this tower, ghostly as it’s been reported stands out as something really scary, full of eery stories – even people venturing up it’s many floors just to see if it’s for real!. I wouldnt for one but who knows you might one day?. Just be careful you dont bump into one of those whatever you call it as it might be your last sight and breath you take!.

Looks like some adventurous tourists are making their way up!

Let’s start…

The Sathorn unique building towers over the smaller buildings, all 49 floors of ruin and neglect. It was meant to be a luxury apartment complex with magnificent views of Bangkok’s main river, the Chao Phraya River. It was laid to waste, abandoned and soon became home to the homeless, drug addicts and stray dogs.

Another view from the top of this ghost tower

So here some creepy facts about this derelict tower now known as Bangkok’s “Ghost Tower”.

  1. The building’s architect was arrested and put on trial for allegedly plotting to murder the President of the Supreme Court, Thailand. Hence it was left as you see it today.
  2. It was 80 percent complete when construction was ordered to be halted.
  3. The building is rumored to have been built on an ancient burial ground hence it being haunted.
  4. People can now climb up this tower for in Thai Baht (Thailand’s currency) THB 500! Now thats cheap to get spooked!!
  5. A backpacker was found dead inside the building. Dunno where or when.
  6. You risk your life going up this building but for those collecting your money allowing you to risk your life dont give a flying-fig.
  7. It has become a haven for graffitti artists
  8. Best view of Bangkok can be seen from the top of this ghost tower.

Now see it for yourself in this video!!

Left to rot since 1997, the building is a mess of debris, holes and puddles of stagnant water. electrical wires, broken toilets and construction equipment. Sad to say, part of the structure is falling apart and falling onto the streets below which is also dangerous. Bare bulbs provide dull lighting to some areas whilst others are pitch black.

Great views – another from the top of this ghost tower

All abandoned buildings are fair game for inspiring graffitti artists and this building is no exception. Around the building as well as inside you can see colourful drawings both weird and sinister. You can be sure, that not many people will venture up 49 floors only to end up either injured or fleeing down the tower in absolute fear!!. Not my cup of tea as the english would utter! How about you?

So here it is, our second part of creepy and abandoned places around the world. And if you havent read my first segment please feel free to click here….until next time, sleep well:-))

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