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“Let’s Talk The Walk, Walk, Walk, Walk, Walk..”

green box 1Bukit Jalil Park (Taman Rekreasi Bukit Jalil in Malay) is a popular recreational park in the southern suburbs of Kuala Lumpur, about 20km from the city centre.

It is managed by Kuala Lumpur City Hall. Unfortunately it needs better maintenance as many of the pathways, gardens are in urgent need to be cleaned up and landscaped again as over time things tend to loose their lustre and appeal. Otherwise most of the facilities are in pretty okay shape, but it could be better.

Activities and facilities here include picnicking, a children’s playground, jogging and walking trails, exercise stations, a reflexology path, a heliconia garden, lakes, a dedicated area for people with disabilities and an international garden.

The park covers an 80 acre site on gently sloping terrain. There are a few steeper slopes with steps for those seeking more vigorous Map-Bukit-Jalil-Recreation-Park

But one thing alot either refuse to mention or havent yet experienced it, is that Taman Bukit Jalil or rather Bukit Jalil Recreation is HAUNTED!.

International Garden

Google Map Location

One of the best features of the park is the International garden (laman antarabangsa) featuring show gardens representing 10 different countries.

Some of the hard landscaping and facilities in Taman Bukit Jalil are in need of maintenance and ‘TLC’ but it would not require a great deal of effort or investment to restore the park to tip-top condition.

The Bukit Jalil district of KL is undergoing significant development, including a major project immediately adjacent to the park. As KL’s population grows and green spaces disappear it is important that parks such as this are maintained and improved.

Bukit Jalil Playground
One of the childrens’ playgrounds

Admission Charges and Opening Hours

Entrance is FREE.

The park is open daily during daylight hours, 7am – 8pm.

There is plenty of free parking at the entrance.


Here is another sldieshow on other views and photos I shot whilst there before I move onto the highlight of this travel article on ‘Taman Bukit Jalil’ or rather Bukit Jalil Recreation Park.


scary face two

green box 1What I’d like to talk about now and to my complete surprise is even though I went to the Bukit Jalil Park around 3pm in the afternoon (wasnt a very warm day and looked as though it might drizzle) I ended up being spooked especially when walking down some of those dark pathways circulating the entire park.


scary face

The fact that there werent that many people around except for two or three gentlemen jogging ( probably they do it everyday and live nearby) and plus the fact that it was during the fasting month (Ramadhan) and ending very soon for the “Hari Raya” cum Eid Mubarak holidays and celebrations – made things even worse as it was cloudy, getting dark in the sky and there was an ominous feel in the air, wind blowing and all the leaves rustling and that thought as well as feel that “I was being followed” down those desolate pathways uphill as well as downhill!.

It would be fair to say that the fact that the park was almost empty didnt make things easy for me when all of a sudden one of the videos I was shooting ended up error-ridden and I couldnt continue recording whilst I was walking uphill this dark and desolate pathway!. I ended up with only 6 videos shot instead of 7!. How come?.

scary ghost female face

Below is one video I did manage to successfully shoot after the previous one has simply “vanished” and my smartphone is brand new, so there aint anything wrong with it! Did some “ghost” or “spirit” remove that sixth video because I had a shot of him or her or them??. All I do know is that I was feeling very uneasy once this happened and quickly but surely made my way, even though I still needed to get more shots taken and see more what I came to see in the first place, the park itself.

Entitled: “Don’t Goof With The Spook”. Enjoy!

green divider 1

green box 1Next is a video I shot whilst braving it out to climb this endless looking steps uphill to what seemed to be a summer-looking house or “gazebo” at the top. I was still in a state ot fear and shock as I had quickly descended the previous encounter a few minutes back and needed to work it out to release my tension.


Entitled: “Walk, walk, walk, walk, Walk”. To be honest I got the inspiration to come up with this  funky tune after listening to Rihanna’s Mega-hit, “Work” song!, this being of course a “spoof” or a parodsitic version of the hit song.

green divider 1

By the time I had reached the top, I was kind of knackered (whacked out mentally and physically) but upon seeing what was right and left of me, alone up there still with that feel of something watching me from afar or standing behind me, I decided to go back to where I came from and descended the steps back to the pathway overlooking the lake (slideshow to follow)

Viewpoint from the steps down to the lakeside

green divider 1

In this last video, I came up with an original song which is inspired by what Jason Mraz would probably sing…no vocals and no lyrics. Perhaps I’ll make it into a complete song with it all in?.

By this time, I was safely down from those steep climbs and back to sea-level to get myself “back into shape”, tension alleviated…took a left turn and took a leisurely stroll down the pathway towards another part of the park….and soon I was spooked yet again when unaware one of those previously spotted joggers came in from behind!. Damn! Wish they wouldnt do that!?

Now for the last slideshow of photos I shot that fateful day at Taman Bukit Jalil and by the time I had walked pretty much all my way around, one large circle kinda, the sky look omninous as if it might start to rain or at minimum, drizzle, which it didnt funny enough…

Talk about walk, walk, walk.there alot of places in this park to jog, walk or just lie down. In fact almost at every corner there are workplaces or rather exercise places to get a nice workout done…excellent to loose those unwanted pounds or merely just for fun.

As I said above, the holidays coming up and with many locals already thinking of returning to their hometowns for the Hari Raya festivities by July 6th resulted in the park being deserted. Unfortunate for me as I ended inviting all those “spookies” out to do “their usual”.

travel with josh ash one

No worries. I survived but I advise anyone who is thinking of paying this wonderful park a visit, do go with friends or walk around in two’s or three’s because you never know whats gonna happen if youre “caught alone”. Better to be “home alone” for that matter:-)

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Have a great time at Taman Bukit Jalil (Bukit Jalil Recreation Park)!!


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