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Livingmsia launches its own Song ─ ‘Get Some Sunshine In’’s signature theme song video

Composer: Ross Ariffin

Lyricist: Helena Hon

Vocals (Backing Vocals): Ross Ariffin

Saxophone: Joe Albano, Los Angeles, USA.

Copyright: Sony Music Publishing Sdn Bhd (M)

Kuala Lumpur 8 Oct 2016: Livingmsia today launched its own jingle in the website and across all connected social media sites.  A celebratory creation inspired by musical imagination and delight at surpassing the 100,000 visitor milestone earlier than expected, the jingle called ‘Get Some Sunshine In’ was composed by Ross Ariffin, a well-known name in the music industry in Malaysia.

“I was one day sitting in front of my computer in my home studio and as always listening to spotify and other interesting videos on youtube especially the vast choices of classical music, live concerts and documentaries when I all of sudden came up with the idea to compose a special theme song for our website which has been hitting like mad, every week with thousands of visitors sometimes our visitor counter hitting over 1,200 visitors overnight!”

Then I realised if this could be done, it would be the best way to make the website more visible, increase its “selling power” to a wider audience and make its presence on the world wide web so much more felt in more ways than one.

The power of video and music has taken over the internet and what better to “sell” a website…. with good music, something fun and catchy and something which represents Livingmsia. It took Ross approximately ten minutes to come up with the melody..

“Its the melody that counts… it’s the most important factor in any song and composing that in my head first is how I always compose songs and if I can remember the melody 48 hours later even before I put it to paper or this case, recording it using my Reason 9, then it’s worth keeping.”


Ross is also the writer of many of the travel articles in Livingsmsia and there are over 40 travel articles written by him. And when it came to his composition for the website,

“A good song must have a “hook” – something that you can remember and “move” to. Easy to remember. Easy to move to and Easy to sing ” he adds.


Ross went on to say…

“In my days as a musician cum band leader and vocalist onboard ten of their fifteen cruiseships over a period of no less than 6 years, I got paid to see the world, meet people from many cultures, perform onstage with musicians around the world, enjoy the cuisine in so many ports and cities from the United Kingdom to Germany, Alaska to Antartica and Australia to Hawaii, USA.”

“With Holland America Line, one of the biggest  and most awarded cruiseline companies in the world. I travelled to no less than 32 countries and thus was able to share my 10,000-image archive and wonderful memories of the far flung lands that I travelled to and hope that our readers have been able to enjoy”.

“I composed the melody and music in my head initially, recorded it on Reason 9 (DAW) – once confirmed mentally –  in my home studio and had it previewed by some of my best friends whom I met while onboard. However, the song was still in it’s infancy with much more to do. One of them whom he shared it with was Joe Albano who said he would love to add in his Sax lines”


About Joe Albano

Joe Albano, the saxophone player featured in this theme song has his own website

Pay him a visit and listen to his New Single and perhaps say “Hello”?

Joe Albano graduated from the prestigious Berklee College Of Music in Boston, U.S.A. with a degree in Jazz Performance/Composition in 2005 and has led a wonderful and fulfilling musical career since with many performances throughout the United States and beyond.
He and Ross began their professional association/friendship during their tenure on Holland America’s line of luxury cruise ships, in various musical situations. With the opportunity to again collaborate with his friend/former ship mate, Joe jumped at the chance,
“And the experience was nothing but pleasurable and of the utmost professional standard.” 
Joe is currently a very active freelance saxophonist/woodwind player in Los Angeles, U.S.A.


The Story Behind Livingmsia

Livingmsia was launched in May 2015, “as some kind of compulsion for an online magazine for a set group of the community”, says its founder Helena Hon.

Primarily a writer with decades of background gleaned from “doing time”, as she says, in publishing in all its areas, including the press ─ here and overseas ─ and now, for content online as well, Helena was also the lyricist for the jingle. And the graphic designer.

Livingmsia is actually what one would call ─ a labour of love, built with one’s own bare hands.

And it has evolved quite a bit from its original concept of being a base for Baby Boomers and Gen Xers, thanks to guidance from Google Analytics, she says.  She originally started the website as a health and retirement resource site for this segment of society.

But she found the response to be lukewarm.

“Perhaps the topics were too serious,” she mused. Plus, she didn’t have the resources to plough through these areas at length and in depth.”

And then came along Ross Ariffin who infused in the music, the travel to exotic places. And a whole lot of whimsical fun and stories.

The result is an online magazine that is entirely different.  For one, it is probably the only website in Malaysia with its own original jingle ─ which makes it kind of quirky; and the only one to incorporate e-music learning (coming soon) and e-piano reviews where one can listen to the tone of a piano through the handphone before purchase. So much to see, listen to and read about.

“For daring to be different, Livingmsia has garnered its own following and is charting its own growth along routes less travelled.”

Welcome to!!


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