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Landlord Vs Tenant: 5 ways to keep the peace


NEW KhairulWE KNOW SOME THINGS can get lost in translation, especially during the negotiation of a tenancy. Landlord says tomarto and tenant says tomaeto.  There isn’t a specific law that governs tenancy in Malaysia and conflicts will occasionally arise between landlord and tenant. Here’s how to get off on the right footing:


1) Make sure you sign an agreement with all that you’ve agreed between each other when you were negotiating the tenancy;

2)  List all the furniture and fittings in the premise including what is inside each room, bathroom, kitchen and;

3) Take pictures of the property before the keys are given to the tenant, put the pictures as part of the agreement and both must sign agreeing on the conditions of the premise;

4) Agree and spell out any raising of rent, sale of the premise to another person by the landlord, renovation by either tenant or landlord and termination by either one;

5) Make sure there is a symbiosis relationship between landlord and tenant including allowing landlord to visit and allowing tenant to have an open channel to the landlord to raise any problem about the premise.


Khairul Anuar Shaharudin, lawyer, is the author of Ask the Lawyer series including 40 More Questions You Should Ask Your Lawyer Before Buying A Residential Property in Malaysia and books under Fixi, Pinjam and Pentas (writing as Anuar Shah). Follow Khairul on Twitter @kruel74 and his blog Legal Cat-asthrophe



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