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How I Beat Diabetes in 3 Months


IF YOU HAVE DIABETES, how do you manage your Blood Sugar levels in order to live longer, become healthier and happier in just 3 months?

This was me 2 years back
This was me 2 years back

My Story

I was diagnosed with Diabetes Type 2 over one year ago and my blood sugar readings were around 13.1 mmol/l or 200 mg/dl or more. Now this may seem a tad confusing if youre not a Diabetic patient and for me upon seeing it for the first time, I was asking myself “What on earth does this all mean?”. I had no idea what this all meant and was in a state of shock quite frankly.


According to my specialist, if you’re Diabetic, your blood sugar level should be, if maintained properly on a healthy diet with exercise around 4 to 7 mmol/L or under 8.5 mmol/L after meals. Mine was at a whopping 13 point something. This was as I said over one year ago.

I was recommended to go to Subang Medical Centre mainly because I was working with the international company and their requirement was that all staff working with them needed to have their blood sugar level below 7 mmol/L and Subang Medical Centre was the only medical institution that was recognised by this company.

So immediately I got down to working on how to reduce my awfully high blood sugar level. Below is the checklist of things I did and managed successfully to bring down my readings over a period of no less than 3 months to a new and exhilarating  4.9 mmol/L and a nice 6.5 mmol/L after meals.

Tips on How I Did it

  • Reduce my carb intake in all my 3 daily meals – less or no rice at all or perhaps once or twice weekly, more noodles and certainly more green veggies. Stay away from those santan (coconut milk) infested curry dishes.
Stay away from this!
Stay away from this!
  • Drinks only included plenty of water, Chinese tea ( hot mainly ) and juices like Avocado mixed with other fruits or just one fruit juiced up like Pineapple, Apple or Guava. No carbonated drinks whatsoever or drinks with too much artificial sweeteners or sugar content. If I drank tea or coffee, it had less if not no sugar. By the way I don’t consume Alcohol.


  • Early mornings I took two tablespoons of Apple Cider Vinegar mixed with water along with two servings of Oats like BG22 oatmeal mixed with warm water well before my breakfast. Apple Cider Vinegar taken twice daily. Oatmeal, once.


  • Took two tablespoons of Virgin Coconut Oil, usually after every meal.
natural coconut walnut oil
natural coconut walnut oil
  • Joined a local gym and walked there to do my daily (usually evenings) exercise on a treadmill, lifting some weights ( not too heavy though, just to gather up some sweat and burn up sugar ) and walk back home. The gym not being that far from my house.


  • Abstain from all red meat and only consume sometimes white chicken meat. I mainly eat fish like Salmon and the likes, staying away from the cheaper, fresh water fish. Not cheap though but it works – to acquire the Omega 3 nutrient from the fish plus other healthy components associated with fish.


  • Adding a lot of fresh green vegetables to all meals, cooked or raw like with salads that can be mixed along with fresh fruit. The more the merrier. When it comes to veggies. I thought at one time to become vegetarian but not vegan as it was too tough for me to go to such extremes.

cover photo 1

  • Take my daily intake of Metformin tabs, at first three times daily, then as my blood sugar levels decreased after a month or so, took only twice daily. Metformin works best after meals. Don’t overdose yourself with Metformin of course, keep to what your specialist has prescribed.
Metformin is a drug that is usually prescribed to help control blood sugar levels in patients with type 2 diabetes melitus.
Metformin is a drug that is usually prescribed to help control blood sugar levels in patients with type 2 diabetes melitus.
  • Whenever I got the chance weather permitting, I took walks from home to the shops and back. It would work up a good sweat burning up sugar. Exercise in the gym was an added bonus, a must for me considering the level of my blood sugar.


Daily Regime

All the above must be maintained on a daily basis without any breaks to the routine, if not, you will not see your weight go down ( losing weight also helps bring down your blood sugar levels ) and your blood sugar readings improve. At the end of about 3 months, my blood sugar levels were about 4.9 mmol/L which was way below what the stipulated requirements were.


Happy Ending

I know the above may not be for everyone but noting that I did it all in 3 months and lost around 4 inches around my waist and looked and felt so much healthier, not to mention slimmer ( could wear clothes I had never dreamed of wearing! ) and raised my self esteem and confidence making me a happier man, even you can do it.


My energy levels had increased and even my complexion had somewhat improved looking ever so perky and ready to “face the world” a new man.

cropped good and bad food

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