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Father’s Day Special: Most Memorable Movie Dads #6: Finding Nemo

Anyone who has watched this 2003 Pixar movie will remember how Nemo’s Dad, Marlin (a clown fish voiced by Albert Brooks), went the extra nautical mile to save his son. Anxious to keep his only surviving child safe after mum and Nemo’s siblings were swallowed by a shark, Marlin is understandably cautious about Nemo’s safety. And when Nemo goes missing, (he got caught in a net and was whisked off to a dentist’s fishtank) Marlin and his memory-challenged girlfriend Dory swims the entire blue ocean, dodging danger and risking life and fin to find Nemo. Hero father turns classic parent at the end of the epic search-and-rescue mission when Marlin goes through the conflicting emotions that all fathers (and mothers) go through eventually: that part between holding on and wanting what’s best for your child and having to let go so that he can find what’s best for himself. Touching.

Here are the Videos

Finding Nemo: Marlin’s Story

Ending Scene

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