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Father’s Day Special: Most Memorable Movie Dads #3: Darth Vader

When the second-most verminous guy in the galaxy says, “I am your father”, whatcha gonna do except go into massive denial? Can’t be a good thought to know that Daddy’s bad guy DNA is coursing through your body. And he lops off his boy’s hand on top of that.  What a lousy dad. And then, by some quirk of fate or change of heart, Darth Vader feels paternal emotion by the next sequel. He is torn between the love for his son and loyalty to the dark force.  Not being able to bear watching Darth Sidious kill his boy, the Sith Lord does the right thing and kills the emperor, critically maiming himself in the process. You gotta give this monster his moment. He sacrificed himself for his son and that makes him not too bad a father after all.

Relive the Moments

Most Famous ‘I Am Your Father’ Scene

Darth Vader kills Darth Sidious (the emperor)

Darth Vader Dies…(Father and Son togetherness)

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