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Father’s Day Special: Most Memorable Movie Dads #2: Juno

Oscar Winner JK Simmons is a fine, fine actor. He can make you fear him, loathe him, throw your popcorn at him or he can warm your heart and wish you had or were a father like him. Remember him playing the mean and violent conductor in the fiery jazz thriller Whiplash? What a world of difference to the role he played in Juno. As Mac McGuff, Simmons plays the World’s Coolest Dad and empathetic father to pregnant teenage daughter Juno. Although shocked and disappointed, he takes the news that she’s been knocked up with a matured balance of humour and understanding.

“Paulie Bleeker? I didn’t think he had it in him.” That’s what he said when told the news.

Here are the other memorable moments of rock solid, super supportive, uber cool father soberiety brought out by the one and only Simmons.

I Think It’s Best To Tell Them

Anything But This

Find a Person Who Loves You for Exactly Who You Are

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