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Father’s Day Special: Most Memorable Movie Dads #1: To Kill A Mockingbird

“Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird is a staple of American classrooms because of its inspiring and elegantly written lessons about justice, equality and civic duty. But long before your child brings this classic home, it should join the books on your bedside table because, at its core, To Kill a Mockingbird is a parenting manual punctuated by moments of courtroom drama.

Atticus Finch, small town lawyer and widower, is arguably fiction’s greatest father. Atticus parents his 10-year-old son Jem and his younger sister, Scout, 6, with a calm and approachable demeanour. For a man in the 1930s American South, he is a progressive. He’s against spanking, never yells, and gives his children truthful answers to difficult questions. Most importantly, for his parenting philosophy and the plot of the novel, Atticus models the behaviour he wants to see in his children.” (excerpted from BBC Literature)

Gregory Peck’s Atticus Finch in the 1962 movie of the same name is also arguably, the greatest father in film. Here are some clips:

Atticus Finch teaches Scout

Atticus Finch’s Words of Wisdom (Soundtrack included)

Court Scene

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