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Dry Eyes. What Can You Do About Them?



I do. Or at least I did, until I decided to do something about it. My eyes would burn, as if on fire, sometimes they would itch too and I would rub them before I could stop myself, worsening the condition.


It seems the syndrome is quite common. It’s to do with our lifestyle of staring into our smartphones or computer, staying up too late and eating the wrong diet.

Here’s some advice from Dr David Williams from drdavidwilliams natural health site on how you can alleviate the problem through natural means.

Someone wrote him a letter complaining about the same problem:


I have a problem with dry eyes. I’ve been told I don’t produce enough tears. My eyes are frequently irritated and I’m unable to wear contact lenses. Can you offer any suggestions?

Dr Williams replies that he knows about this problem from personal experience as h had the same  problem with his eyes.

He says:

“Barring some systemic disease process, nutritional supplements can often help relieve dry eyes naturally. Here are some suggestions to treat the problem. Try them one at a time:

  • 500 mg of vitamin B6 (pyridoxine) daily. This may do the trick by itself. (Don’t forget to take a full B-complex vitamin as well.)faq_eye
  • 2–4 grams of vitamin C daily.
  • 45 mg of beta-carotene daily.

It was these last two items that relieved my own dry eyes by increasing my tear production.”

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My take on his advice:

AS a health supplement freak myself, taking supplements and vitamins has been a daily practice with me for the last 30 years and Vitamin B6, as well as 2000mg of Vit?

dry eyes

I have never left home or ever woken up to a day without them. But still I had dry eyes.

What did I do? How did I help myself?

  • I used Systrane Ultra. Obtainable from any pharmacy at around RM13.00
  • I used supplements like Eye Bright (21st Century). Obtainable from any pharmacy at around RM20.00++ . Or Natberry (with Bilberry extract) by Naturelle or any other supplement manufactured for fatiqued eyes, available in any pharmacy.
  • I also used Brands Innershine for Eyes – a berry enriched concentrate again obtainable from any pharmacy at around RM25.00 for six bottles.

I used them all in combination everyday and am still using them.

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Did I see improvements?

innershineAbsolutely! In two weeks. My eyes began to feel refreshed — from the inside, not just on the exterior — they felt bright and rejuvenated, fresh and lubricated and I no longer needed to drop the eye drops on such a frequent basis. The feeling is like a general revitalization of the face, especially around the temple area and around the eyes, emanating from inside to out. My eyes no longer felt tired out, dry and strained even after a long day staring at the computer.systaneultra_2246-0

Sometimes, you just cant help staring at the computer, especially if it happens to be work. Of course, early nights would also go a long way in giving your eyes a rest.

I am still using my supplements and will continue to do so, probably for life.

Hope this works for you too.

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