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Crumbs…It’s Justart!


Clever name: Justart, don’t you think? Because…well, these are Just Tarts after all; tarts as art or art as tarts, only Justarts are not really tarts but cupcakes.  Well, sort of like a cross-between a tart and a cupcake with pastry and cake and filling inside their paper cups.

We bought a box of 9
We bought a box of 9

Their colourful display at a “gerai” in the JB Sentosa Plaza food court caught our eye as we were hunting down our lunch that day.

How quaint, we thought.

There were all these cute and rather neatly-made cupcakes with all kinds of flavours and colours laid out in a glass cabinet. All at just RM2.20 each too, read the price tags.


So we made a mental note to get them while munching down our Ayam Penyet.

Straight after our meal, we made a beeline for the gerai and picked 9 off the shelf. Plus, there was a special price for a box of 9 at just RM18.00.Crumbs

“That would be our supper, tea time snack and breakfast,” I said to myself, surveying our selection.

We chose a Durian Cheese Cupcake, a Cappuccino, a Blueberry Cheese, a Lemon Cheese, a Chocolate Orio Cheese, an Almond Chocolate, a Kiwi Cheese and a few others whose names I now forget.

The Almond Chocolate was “chocolaty” enough, said my companion and sharer-of-cupcakes. However the cake and pastry were rather “dry tasting” he opined, preferring the earlier cheese mixes he had swallowed straight after lunch.

“Tastier,” he said. “But the plus point was ─ there were three real almonds on top!”

I had the Durian Cheese. I thought the cheese was missing in that combination. Wherever the cheese was at, it was overpowered by the durian.

Just nice for tea or breakfast!
Just nice for tea or breakfast!

The pastry and the cake underneath the dressing was OK I thought, but not spectacular.

I had the Blueberry Cheese and the Cappuccino and a few others. Again, it was the main ingredient in the topping that smothered everything else.  My companion had a better opinion of the Orio Cheese.crumbs

“Mmmmm, this combination works,“ he said in mid munch. “There is an after taste of cheese.”

But again, he said the pastry was dry.

Cheese After Taste

The cheese always seems to be the after taste and that’s the problem. They are the co-stars in the billing, they are called ‘something’-cheese afterall and should be allowed to make their presence known more assertively. They ought to use stronger cheese.  Because whatever they are using right now is too mild. There was no punch. No oomph. No standout wow factor.

tarts on black

The pastry, in my opinion, needs salt or salted butter/margarine. The entire cupcake was too bland to make a memorable impact.  At least, not on my tastebuds.

crumbsBut they do make satisfactory morsels nonetheless as the base of the cupcake is dense. These cupcakes are very heavy for a cupcake, seriously, and thus are very filling.

Still, these are just cupcakes, not haute confectionary at a highend baker’s. Justarts are pretty to look at and fun for a teatime snack. At RM2.20 a piece, I’d say it’s reasonable for the work they put in.

“They’re a good effort,” my companion agreed.

Apparently, Justart Retail is all over Johor. They are in Taman Pelangi, Taman Molek, Taman Johor Jaya and of course in Plaza Sentosa: 016-710 2635/3635/8635.

crumbs line


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