Thursday , January 18 2018
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SOULed Out in two places

MY SECOND FIND OF SOULed Out was not by design but quite by accident. I was in Jalan Ampang heading in the wrong direction, stomach rumbling as I hadn’t eaten all day and couldn’t make a U-turn back to the MRR2 where I had originally come from. It was 5pm. And …

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A Charming ‘Chawan’ Christmas @ Tenmaya

We were in Nexus, Bangsar South having a family Christmas dinner but the restaurant we were in didn’t serve sweet nothings that were unique enough for an occasion like this.  And then I thought: Tenmaya! They serve Black Sesame Ice Cream. Now you know that black sesame seeds are good …

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Halloween Treats for your 4 & 2-legged friends

This month we go with Black Cats and Pumpkins. Well, what’s Halloween without the Treat or Treating eh? We’ve whipped up three recipes to haunt your imagination for the season: super crunchy, unsugared Charcoal Black Cats and Pumpkin-Spice cookies for your four-legged furries (yes, we’re talking about those always-hungry-hairy-ghouls); and …

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The No-Bake Oreo Cheesecake

Here’s something sweet and crunchy you can whip up in a jiffy with a minimum of fuss cos it’s… no bake! It’s the perfect after-dinner complement for sweet tooth cravings or for anytime you feel like indulging in cake ─ sinfully-rich cake, that is.  😀 We decided to loosely follow the …

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