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The Sea Comes Alive in Nautilus House, Mexico by Javier Senosiain

THE WORKS OF JAVIER SENOSIAIN are anything but ordinary. In fact, they are audacious, controversial and very much alive and animated. Take his Nautilus house, for example. Located in Mexico, Senosiain brings to life the aquatic in the architecture of the home. Then again, that’s because Senosiain is Mexico’s celebrated exponent and explorer …

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Landlord Vs Tenant: 5 ways to keep the peace

  WE KNOW SOME THINGS can get lost in translation, especially during the negotiation of a tenancy. Landlord says tomarto and tenant says tomaeto.  There isn’t a specific law that governs tenancy in Malaysia and conflicts will occasionally arise between landlord and tenant. Here’s how to get off on the …

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