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Bizarre Bugs ─ Pretty but Creepy No: #4: Peacock Spider

Don’t they look like voodoo witch doctors? This one looks like he’s in the middle of a bone-rattling, spell-spewing hex dance. If it weren’t for his diminutive size (0.3 inches max), you’d be scared.

According to Wikipedia, the Maratus speciosus, sometimes called the Coastal Peacock Spider, is an Australian species of jumping spiders. They are only known to inhabit the vegetation of the coastal sand dunes of southwestern Western Australia. Like other Maratus spiders, the males of the species engage in a courtship display much like a peacock, during which they raise their third pair of legs and their abdomen, presenting their colourful plate to potential female partners. Unlike other Maratus, however, the males of this species have a set of bright orange hairs along both edges of the opisthosoma which only become visible during this display.


Ole! (Pic from Amusing Planet)
Ole! (Pic from Amusing Planet)


And here’s the spunky little spider in action!

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