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Bizarre Bugs ─ Pretty but Creepy No: #3: Witch’s Hat Bagworm

If this reminds you of Hogwarts’ house hats, you are not far off the mark. Called the Witch’s Hat Bagworm, or the Psychidae scientifically, these bagworms are members of the butterfly and moth family. Male bagworm moths are more mothlike ─ they have transparent one-inch wingspans, have feathered antennae and are black and hairy. But the females, which are wingless, legless and yellow-white in colour, resemble worms, which is perhaps why they build these Gryffindor hats in order to hide under.

Also called “bagmoths,” or “case moths,” their hidey-houses are made of their own silk, sand, soil, lichen (fungus), plants or whatever they can find in their immediate environment. Bagworms are found either moving or attached to rocks, trees, or fences when resting. Bagworm cases are generally small ─ from less than 1cm to 15cm.

(Featured Image: “Witch’s Hat” Bagworm Moth larva by Itchydogimages/Flickr)

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