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Authentic Neopolitan Pizzas only at Tino’s Pizza


Bubble tea colossus Chatime is ventured into the lucrative pizza business with it’s new outlet in Bangsar South’s Nexus complex; it’s the springboard for an imminent Tino’s Pizza chain that serves what it considers to be Neapolitan-style pizza.

Baked at high temperatures of 500 °C for slightly more than a minute, Tino’s pizzas showcase hand-tossed soft dough for a thick & filling bread-like base (not a crunchy thin crust). Tasty toppings like beef bacon, spinach & a sunny-side up (RM21.90 for this medium-sized, six-slice Fiorentina) help to make these recipes sufficiently satisfying.


Venturing to this new outlet at the Nexus, Bangsar South was a first.



One of the dishes ordered was the Duck Caponata (RM25.90 for medium, RM38.90 for large), well-covered with roast duck, broccoli, capsicum & melted cheese. Everything tastes flavoursome & fairly fresh (for fast food), probably a notch above the large pizza corporations.




There are many pizzas to choose from; Like Mr Tino from RM24.90, Lamb Abruzzo from RM25.90, Seafood Marina from RM25.90, Duck Caponata from RM25.90, Mexicana from RM23.90, Salami Diavola from RM23.90.



Oval-shaped pizzas are also available; How about the sweet-savoury four-cheese one made gooey with blue, parmesan, mozzarella & cheddar, drizzled with honey for the icing on this cake. RM19.90 (four slices).All the pizzas cooked at this joint are the classic hand-tossed Napoletana recipe baked in 500°C and topped with the freshest ingredients.


Classic Neopolitan : Our classic signature crust with chewy crunchy bite. This is a 9″ medium size pizza that consists of 6 pieces per pizza.

Thin & Crispy : A lighter eat with a nice, crispy crunch to the crust. This is a 12″ large size pizza that consists of 8 pieces per pizza.



Distinctive-looking ‘Crustar’ dessert pizzas are a speciality here too; this Matcha Mochi (RM16.90) comes with green tea powder, white rice cakes, red bean, crushed peanuts & mint leaves. Another possibility would be the Fruity Honey Pearl, which features apple, peach, kiwi fruit, cranberries & tapioca pearls.


Peanut butter alert! Among the sides, the top temptation is indisputably these fries, blanketed with peanut butter, beef bacon & chilli powder (RM9.90). The flavours blend well together in one addictive ensemble.
Other options: Pumpkin soup with dough slices (RM8.90), minestrone, fried jalapeno strips with passion fruit yoghurt dips, chicken wings with a ‘Sicilian sauce’ & more. Wow, must try this next time!
Beverages comprise a longer-than-expected list of lattes (vanilla, hazelnut, mocha, caramel), smoothies, fruit teas, soft drinks & of course, milk tea.
You can find Tino’s Pizza at the Ground Floor, Nexus, Bangsar South, Kuala Lumpur. Next outlet possibly in Mid Valley. It’s Open 10am-10pm, but last orders might be around 9:30pm. Tel: 03-2242-0580 for pick-up pre-orders.
It was an enjoyable meal, quick and easy and no worries to be dressed up at all that, it is after all a typical al-fresco kinda dining amongst many high-end eateries at the Nexus, Bangsar South, Kuala Lumpur.

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