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MUST-SEE Sculptures #3: Expansion by Paige Bradley, New York, USA



“I conceived of this piece when I first moved to Manhattan. I was a bit startled by the power of the curators and the critics and how they all had an anti-figure slant on what they deemed show-worthy. So many of these people felt like everything figurative had already been done, and real art was about being a “Visionary” rather than just showing ability, accuracy or general talent. Thus, the figure had generally disappeared from galleries, museums, important collections, art fairs and other shows. The few of us that were left had no place to exhibit and our voice was not being heard. Many figurative sculptors started teaching, as that was all they could do.”

Watch out for the full upcoming follow-up to this story in: Ode to Art: 8 Stunning, Surreal Sculptures from around the World Parts 1 & 2

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