Thursday , January 18 2018



LIVINGMSIA has evolved from its quiet beginnings to a pretty exciting adventure ready to propel itself into the intergalactic yonder. By 27th May 2017, we would be 2 years old, not a long time from those days when I fumbled about as a WordPress-illiterate and wondered that if I pressed the wrong key, would everything disappear?

Thankfully, those days are gone. Livingmsia has moved from a small, basic site catering to a certain age-group to a lustier, more sophisticated one speaking to a much wider audience across all age groups and interests. Our archives are today choc-bloc full with tales of the wondrous and astounding, read by some 200,000 visitors well before its second birthday. And that number grows even as we speak.

That’s because Livingmsia is making its audience feel good. Not too serious and always the bringer of good news, it’s a feel-good site, an info-edutainment magazine of positive, helpful messages covering a wide range of topics to pep up everybody’s moment.  There is always something in here for everyone. On average, 1000 people troop to Livingmsia everyday, sometimes as many as 3000 people everyday (it even amazes me), all popping in to see the latest goodies on Health, Travel, Food, Architecture, Music…you name it ─ all the artsy, fartsy useful things that matter painted across the tapestry of life. It’s all here on livingmsia.

We’ve come this far baby. We’re looking to go further and we’re waiting for the right person to come along to do just that.

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