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A Full Half Day in Kuala Selangor


Visit Selangor! A blow-by-blow account to Half a Day in the Nature Reserve of Kuala Selangor.

IT IS SO MUCH EASIER now going to Kuala Selangor as compared to a year ago.

Getting There

You take the LATAR Expressway and head straight to the Ijok Junction , then straight to Bukit Rotan and Assam Jawa and before you know it, you’re In Kuala Selangor!

A journey of just an hour at cruising speed.  Of course, volume of traffic is always the contributing X Factor. But compared to the hour and 45 minute drive thru the winding Sg Buloh-Kepong Road, the drive now is a real breeze.

The idyllic fishing boat park at the Kuala Selangor river
The idyllic fishing boat park at the Kuala Selangor river

As you approach Kuala Selangor town proper, the Kuala Selangor mosque stands out on the left. You can hardly miss the what appears as a jungle hill outcrop of Bukit Melawati with its most ugly looking Telecommunications  Tower looking like a ICBM about to launch from off the hill.

Still, don’t let this fool you and turn you off. It is really, really, a most beautiful hill to visit.

But … Priorities first … Lunch.

Night view of the Restoran Makanan Laut Jeti front
The back portion of the restaurant that looks out to sea







Where to Fill Hungry Stomachs

One thing about Kuala Selangor and lunch, you don’t want to go after 12:30pm or especially at 1pm. We went at 12:05pm and by 12:30pm there was already a crowd collecting. Not only that, if you arrive later, you will have to wait longer and get served later.

As for restaurants, we always prefer these two riverside restaurants:
(a) Riverview  Seafood Restaurant

Address: No 1, Jalan Besar, Pasir Penanbang, 45000 Kuala Selangor, Selangor. +603 3289 2238, +603 3289 6369

(b) Restoran Makanan Laut Jeti
Address: No T26, Jalan Pasir Penambang, 45000, Kuala Selangor, Selangor.     +603-3289 2917+3289 4917

We usually opt for (b). The food may be a bit slow in arriving but it is much tastier. And even though the service in both restaurants may seem about equal (b) seems a bit friendlier.

Both restaurants serve Malay and Chinese customers.


We ordered these from the menu.

+Fried Oysters in egg omlette
+Steamed Ikan Bawal Gold in Assam Sambal
+Fried Prawns in Spicy Chili Sambal
+Fried Buttered Squid
+Stir Fried Young Siew Pak Choy
+Drinks – three fresh coconuts
+5 bowls of rice

This was a very, very tasty and savoury lunch for three hungry grown men and the bill came to just Rm98/- That was real value for money. And the meal being accompanied by the scenic riverside view was of course ─ priceless.

Both restaurants are located at Jalan Pasir Penambang. Again I recommend (b) for washrooms as they are clean and well-provided for

For All Things Fishy

Next, we went shopping.  Kuala Selangor is a haven for all manner of seafood.  So fresh fish, prawns, squid are all available in abundance everywhere at very reasonable prices.









The same goes for salted seafood like salted kurau and all kinds of products associated with seafood especially dried prawns, shrimps, fish and cuttlefish crackers and strong keropok. There was also fish paste, all manner of dried seafood snacks like satay squid, crunchy dried spicy fish and the like.

But do be selective and browse through the shops as prices vary from shop to shop. By doing so, you’ll probably get a better bargain. Naturally, being charming and having a sense of  humour with some friendly banter sometimes do wonders for any transactions.

We found that of all the shops:
Perniagaan Yeu Hock (012-679 5222) run by Lum Yu Hock and Lum Chee Teng (012-3259950) had the best rates on the products  as compared to all the other shops. They also sell fresh ice-cold kedongdong juice (hog-plum) and sour-sop juice and the shop owners were very friendly and helpful too.

Up Close and Personal with Awesome Nature

Next we drove straight up to Bukit Melawati for a really fantastic view of the Selangor River and the Malacca Straits and the nature park below.

Mangrove Trees Walkway at Kuala Selangor Nature Park
Mangrove Trees Walkway at Kuala Selangor Nature Park

Arriving there, we were refreshed by tasty ice-cold chendol pulut sold by a vendor and there was a choice of local ice-creams too.

We took a 200-yard drive to the entrance to the Melawati Fort
with its well-maintained rock wall and stairways and the ramparts with cannons. There was also the huge ominous flat rock where, not so long ago, people were beheaded.

These days, the area is where we feed the monkeys or to be exact the Langurs who are very friendly and sanguine and will climb on your head and shoulders and crowd around you in the hopes of being fed those extra prawn crackers that you bought and brought for them or the long beans that you can buy from the vendors who are almost always there.

The friendly Langurs with their striking orange babies
The friendly Langurs with their striking orange babies

But please be very, very wary and careful of the Macaque monkeys (light brown in colour) that will try to steal from both you and from the Langurs  (black in colour). Macaques are dangerous and can be ferocious. Try to reserve the food for the Langur mothers with their rich yellow-haired babies.

We then drive up to the hill-top where sadly, a former fully-functioning rest house lies deserted for no real good reason. But the view itself is worth the short drive up.

Tram Rides Take Journey Off Feet

On Sundays, there is a beautifully well-preserved tram that takes visitors up and down the hill.

The tram that takes you up and around and the hill
The tram that takes you up and around and the hill

The last time, we took the ride twice! Just because it was such a lot of fun. What can I say? Men will always be boys at heart no matter what age and I am way past 50.

We then drive down to the Freshwater Fish Park which is only open on Sundays to view some of the most amazing freshwater species in all their astounding glory. It is well worth the visit.

One of the many species of fish in the Freshwater Fish Park
One of the many species of fish in the Freshwater Fish Park

Next to the Freshwater Fish Park is the rustic and must-visit Kuala Selangor Nature Park, a place to really walk around to appreciate nature at its rawest.
Strictly not for those who don’t find appreciation for walking into the thick of virgin mangrove swamps to see up close the kind of flora and fauna that live in this habitat.

Dressing The Part

But do bring along hats, wear long slacks or light  jeans or leotards and proper rubber shoes or sneakers, light long sleeve blouses or shirts as the sun can get be blazing hot.
Also bring along two 600ml bottles in a light cloth sack, some fresh  cut fruits like guava, starfruit , papaya or apples to refresh you for the minimum one hour but totally worthwhile  walk around the nature park. Ricola or Mentos pastilles would also help. But do eat the fruits before you arrive at the second watchtower because Macaques congregate there.

Th mangrove wilderness in the forest reserve
Th mangrove wilderness in the forest reserve

You will need mosquito repellent as the walk from the chalets to the nature park is canopied and mosquitoes are likely to annoy you before you reach the open park.

It is a shame that this wonderful nature reserve is only maintained by the funds and donations to the Malaysian Nature Society (MNS).

Then we head back along the main road past the mosque in the direction of the Hindu Temple on the road leading to Klang where we head to the different ceramic shops along both sides of the road.

When it comes to shopping in Kuala Selangor, apply the same format and visit all five of the shops as some charge ridiculously expensive prices while others are moderate.

One of the highlights of the park -- Firefly or Kelip-kelip watching. Of course, this only happens at night
One of the highlights of the park — Firefly or Kelip-kelip watching. Of course, this only happens at night

The best prices were offered by one that had five green painted pots placed one on top of the other at the small entrance leading to the road in but I cannot remember the name.

You will find beautifully-made ceramic animals like horses, deer, elephants and tigers all in

That's what a Kuala Selangor firefly looks like, upclose!
That’s what a Kuala Selangor firefly looks like, upclose!

different sizes and shapes. They are well painted in different colours and are glazed as well. There are lamp vases, display vases, deities and at this shop compared to others sell their items at very reasonable prices.

We bought two beautifully carved elephants one-and-a-half feet long by one-and-a-half feet high for a bargain at RM180/-nett for both. The other shops were selling the same items for RM120- to RM110 each!

And with this note of a successful great buy, we ended our day, or half a day day at Kuala Selangor.divider2

Images from For more information, visit there.

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