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6 Tales of the Paranormal around Asia from Nat Geo’s ‘I Wouldn’t Go In There’ series

For a paranormal encounter of the Horror-ween kind, here are 6 harrowing tales to whet your appetite in the run-up to D-Day. These videos are shared from National Geographic’s I Wouldn’t Go In There series where Robert Joe (RJ), their intrepid urban legend explorer, tracks down true and untold stories behind Asia’s most haunted sites.

For the record, Malaysia’s own ghostie-whosties are featured here. Go watch.  And watch Nazrudin Rahman, guest star in the Malaysian segment, talk about his own ghostly encounter and the history of the Penang War Museum.

The series began in 2013/2014, but it’s still a good re-watch.

Because these are well-made productions by Nat Geo, no less, taking us through the darkest histories of Hong Kong, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, Korea as well as Malaysia (other regions not included in this post because we think 6 is enough for now), this series gives us a virtual tour of the Asian supernatural landscape that we know so little about.

RJ does a great job peeling away the petrifying layers of each tragi-mystery, revealing only the bare truth to rattle us all at the end of every satisfying segment. Enjoy.

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Malaysian Guest Star of Show tells his own Ghost Story at Launch








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